il mare - Calabria, Italy

Our story begins in Italia! This is where the original recipes were formed and the inspiration for our menu was born.

In the 1950s, our Nonni (Grandparents) migrated from the Puglia and Calabria regions in southern Italy to Melbourne, Australia. Their precious recipes and traditions were passed down to their own children and then down to us, the Grandkids. Now, we want to pass onto you this bellissimo food that we have been eating and have grown up with all our lives.


Our mobile food trailer, is serving the tastiest Italian street food & coffee to the Yarra Valley and Melbourne regions.

meet the owner


Via Cucina started because I love food, coffee & my Italian heritage.

Italian culture is about drinking a coffee or eating a panini with someone, outside on the street or in the gardens. I am so excited & blessed to be able to bring this culture to my local community.

If i'm not working, I am either catching up with friends over a meal, visiting the Nonni or finding a new restaurant and beach destination to enjoy. 

In the van you will find me cooking, serving, chatting or making a coffee alongside an excellent team! When I saw the Via Cucina trailer, you could say 'that's amore!'. 

I can't wait to share with you the food, history & love